God of All Creation: A Review

Okay I admit, animals sometimes are smarter than we humans are, don’t you think? Let’s face it; they really know how to relax, to be goofy, to love us without condition, and much more. Mr. Robison illustrates these lessons in his wonderful book, God of All Creation, Life Lessons from Pets and Wildlife. He even inserts his own dog, Princess, a miniature dachshund to help, as well as others animals.

Princess, for example, loves to greet her humans every morning with lots of kisses and snuggle in an arm chair, what could be better? She wants to be close to them as we should want to be close to God every day. Princess, like us, still needs guidance, from her owners just as we need to lean on God for help in our everyday lives. Little lady, you have some skills when it comes to chasing your “prey”.

Other illustrations are given such as the office worker whose dog misses her while she’s gone for a few hours. She can’t stop looking for her master, so the other employees finally decide in desperation to play a tape of her owner and it works. The attention is diverted; total focus is the owner’s voice and face. Wow, if only we could be so good.

Our pets give love unconditionally, just like God does, they comfort us and keep us company, and I honestly think God put them here to show us His life lessons through our variety of pets. This book was read in a day and it was that good.

I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.

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