Really? Unbelievable!

Just read in the newspaper today that there are parents out there who are willing to spend, gulp, in the upper hundreds and thousands of dollars at a time for their children’s clothing. Of course the designers are doing their part and cranking out the goods and doing the money train happy dance all the way to bank. The excuse given for such excess was that the child is “an extension of you” so why not splurge? Translated, little boy or girl must dress like mini adult and not like a child. Ewww.

Um, I come from reality land and most of the individuals I know cannot nor would want to spend their child’s college fund on clothing that they will outgrow by end of the season. Thank goodness for Target, Sears, and JCPenny and the ever wonderful consignment stores. Geesh. I doubt my  husband and I ever came close to spending what was it I saw on one outfit? $795?? For a preschooler’s dress. I don’t care whose name is sewn in the label, if it is overpriced, it can hang on the rack until it goes on major, deep reduction, sale.

Now, it’s great for those that don’t mind tossing the green towards the merchants and not missing any of it and understanding they will have to keep repeating the process until their kids stop growing, hmm..when does that really stop anyway?? Haven’t they heard that resale is something that can stretch the budget and they can get more for their money?

I can remember swapping clothes with friends and not minding a bit. My sons wore many a hand me down and some from resale and they looked great. Yes, some of their clothes were new but they were reasonably priced. Even now, my soon to be twenty year old understands that one doesn’t have to go bonkers with shopping. He doesn’t even like to shop! Yes!! Well, only when he has to and when there’s food involved will he consider.

Wonder if the wealthy even know how to do their own laundry? Do they freak out if their kids get dirty in their overpriced outfits? That would be funny, watching the parent scream in horror as their son or daughter plays in the sand or mud, getting covered  head to toe. Or the grass stains that are so stubborn and just want to take up residence. Betcha they buy multiples so they can hide the evidence, hu? Maybe they don’t want to wash clothes, or maybe they ran out of detergent. That’s it, they just ran out and haven’t made to the store yet.

Call me silly, but I think I will stick with my sales and clearance when I decide it’s time to look for something new.  But if anyone out there has any extra cash they don’t want anymore, hey, I take donations, my son will be going to college soon…send it my way. donate to soon to be poor college  Thank you  and enjoy your never-ending shopping sprees. My bank account just said ouch again. Okay, need to stop thinking of overpriced everything….


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