My fellow blogger, Bill Abbott and his funny cartoons!

Bill Abbott Cartoons

Based on the popularity of the last few posts, it appears there is much my fellow scribblers could do to supplement their current cartoon efforts. I’ll write a bit more about my own experiences, and I hope the information is useful.

The often perceived path for aspiring cartoonists was to create a clever comic strip, send it to the major syndicates, wait for that life-changing phone call, then clear out the spare bed-room so you can stuff the avalanche of incoming cash there till you can close on your Scottish castle on the sea. The cartoonists of old operated in a much different world than the one we have today, and our approaches must reflect that.

In our internet-driven world of instant communication, unlimited access, and multi-tasking mania, the old syndicate models are out-dated, and the types of financial rewards in that arena are forever altered downward. We can refuse to recognise this…

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