I Can Understand That

Another form of bigotry is practiced quite a bit and I bet most don’t even notice. Well, at least those who practice it anyway. Have a special needs child or a sibling and you know what I mean. The comments, the stares, the shunning. Hard to deal with but happens sometimes. Did I mention isolation? I don’t get it, why?

Okay, not everyone is narrow minded and thoughtless, as there are open minded inviduals who open thier hearts to those around them and see them for who they really are. No passing by, no overlooking the person near them, it’s “Hello, how’re you?”.  Those  awesome ones make great impacts by  teaching, playing with  and just being friends! Used to be that those with special needs were tucked away and deliberately forgotten. Institution was the only solution until some smart people began to realize that being in the public and in school can make a huge difference.

More and more articles are being printed about various disabilites so that awareness and understanding can be produced.  Lessening the risk of hurtful comments, of being stared at like an oddity of nature. My own experience has been that of being left out from time to time and major hesitancy on the part of others who seemed unwilling to get to know me better just because my brother happens to have fragile-x syndromne. Big whoopie deal. He’s a sweet guy, not a disease.

My son Joshua has autism and he rocks. That big grin, his humor about wanting to go Disneyland resort all the time is just what the world needs more of. Big dreams and laughter. He doesn’t give up and the young man is smart. He has his own interests: food, movies, games, swimming, food, art, etc… never one to sit still. Boredom is not on his agenda. And yes, he’s in good health most of the time, surpsing I know. Associating special needs with bad health is a misconception.

Maybe I am a weirdo due to my brother and son, because I look at the person first, disability, skin color, well whatever. Jesus loves the little children of the world, red or yellow, black or white, they are precious in His sight, and let’s not forget, He’s got the whole world in His hands. That’s all I’m saying…


P.S. I just thought I ‘d share my perspective –it’s not a hateful commentary by any means and if it comes accross that way , I am sorry. It’s not supposed to.


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