Making something out of nothing

Well, the need to make another card just struck me and I decided to play with some card stock and cardboard. Now I am wondering what else to with the card. I have left it as is so far, with a little detail added by black fine point marker. The ideas will come to me and  maybe some feedback will help too. I like the tree the way it is but seems to need some filling in around it , don’t you think? Grass, some toys, I don’t know, I am putting it aside so I can come back to it and  have a fresh mind to continue its transformation.

That’s the fun of creativity, no stopping to the ways you make something and endless supplies materials are all around us. Repurposing items is a favorite and I admire those who find unique ways to reuse  discarded items. Less trash in a landfill and more beauty for the rest of us to admire. I have some odds and ends that I intend to reuse but am going over in my head what I want design out of them.

This is a short blog post for today, but hey, I will come back with longer thoughts to fill another post. Now, what embellisment to add????


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