Deadly Choice

Wow, I wake up and read that someone decided to mad and shoot cinema goers at a new Batman movie premier. What has the world come to that some deranged invidivual has to take a gun cause such harm to innocent bystanders, including a baby??? Can we not be safe anywhere?? My heart goes out to victims and thier families and yes to the family of the suspect as they have to live with the backlash from the suspect’s actions.

God is up there crying right now because one that He loves has committed a horrible act and others have suffered because of it. His healing hands are being laid upon everyone in order to calm thier spirits and bring peace back again. Take time I know, certainly won’t happen immediately. Creepy that the movie is called, “The Dark Knight Rises” even though Batman himself is a hero, he wears black and appears a bat so as to strike fear in the enemy. James Eagon Holmes, 24, has wasted his life now and for what?

Mr.Holmes has killed 14 people, and I’d like to know why. Fifty others wounded in the tragic chaos. He himself was booby trapped with explosives and guns. “Quiet and easygoing” he decribes himself. Well, I don’t think so. I think you need to get down on  your knees and start praying really hard, or you will meet a different maker when your number is called.

As for the victims, and their families I pray the healing begins soon and that justice is served.


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