Can’t Pick Just One!

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has posted a challenge for anyone daring to pick just a few of their most favorite toys of all time on their web site. They have a list of 100 from various decades so as to cover wide range of age groups.  The toys that get the most votes will be posted on the site.   Now when I went through and voted, the memories came back to me like a glass of sweet ice tea.

Let’s start with some really cool play stuff, shall we? Big wheel! Yeah, racing down the sidewalk thinking your bad with your feet pedaling as fast they can with your friends following behind you. Mini motorcycle on three wheels without the motor and one that mom and dad would let you drive!  And what about the bike? The third step up when you got even bigger, especially when the training wheels came off and you didn’t need anyone to help you balance. That’s what I’m talking about. The cool fringe on the handle bars, the basket, all the accessories that made it yours and yours alone. Heck yeah!

Another toy that I gravitated to was of course, Dr. Seuss books. Wacky characters and far out places, unusual names and phrases, attracted me to his world. He had a lot to say in his books, if you paid any attention at all, and not just about the ABCs. Oh no, the Dr. wanted us take care of our planet, be kind to one another and to keep on dreaming and yes, make the dreams come true.

Okay now comes the artsy side of the toys, crayons and what could be cooler than taking the wax colored sticks and covering a whole coloring book with different shades of green, yellow, red , etc…? Blank paper to create to new designs and mix the colors to see what result from such hard work. Man, such fun! Favorite color? Midnight blue was mine, and yours?? Paint by numbers made you feel like an artist who should be in a museum with your work on display.

Play doh, squishy and pliable, able to be formed by cookie cutter, fork, hands, and any other instrument that was nearby! Word to those who may not know, don’t leave it out, it does tend to dry, a horrible side effect, if you ask me.

Curious George, the inquisitive little monkey, always wondering about the world around him and how that curiosity got him into trouble. Well, I like to think he want on adventures and just needed some help from the man in yellow hat. That’s it. He didn’t get into trouble, he just wanted to explore, just like the rest of us do.  George is creative about it. Poor guy.

the childhood mark. They all had something in common; most were low tech and force a child to use their imagination, like Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, and the Lincoln logs, and blocks. The mind was the computer and the child the programmer, instructing everything on how the play would take place. I like that. Now, tech toys have their place, but let’s be honest, they can’t replace the imagination and open ended ideas that blocks, crayons, dolls and wagons, etc… can provide. What did Dr. Seuss say in one of his books, “Oh the Places You’ll Go!?” High Five Dr.!

Here’s the web site for the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis:


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