Yeah That’s It…

I had the chance to watch “The Help” this evening and I was blown away by the movie. Love the scenery, the characters and the idea behind the story. You could almost feel yourself right there alongside the two very different cultures somewhat coexisting in the era of segregation. Guess I don’t see the controversy that some have talked about because all I noticed was the struggle to do what was right versus what was brought up to do.

To me the movie is really about changing one’s attitude towards one another by seeing things from another person’s point of view. Skeeter steps in and does just that by interviewing the maids and gathering thier stories for her book, which is most appropriately called, “The Help”. Her dreams of becoming a writer actually end up influecing a change in the community she lives in. Courage rises  stands up to bigotry and wins. some finally have some peace. One such person finally stands up to witchy white lady and walks away while the woman’s friend just stands there with her head lowered in shame. I wonder, if she is feeling guilty but not brave enough to say “I’m sorry”.

There is healing throughout the movie as in another scene, a character named Minnie goes to work for a lady named Celia, who seems a bit out of the world. We get to know to her and see that she’s very sweet person who has suffered at least two miscarriages. Minnie becomes her saving grace and ends up making her stronger. Everyone in the movie needs the other, good, bad, and otherwise. You want to smack some, but then you see underneath all the hatred, and find that peer pressure is weighing down on them and the fear to speak up is too much. They think if they do it will cause more harm than good.

The time of segration is over, and I am so glad it is. Now, if we can  just get past the part where we identify one another by color skin, nationality and even disability, the world  will be a better place. I must be one of the wierdos out there. I just don’t worry about such things. Those are secondary, the human part is first, and I could use some “help” getting the word out…


4 thoughts on “Yeah That’s It…

  1. I just saw The Help a week ago and agree that it is a fantastic movie – what it showed needs to be shown–we cannot forget what went on before, so we can understand what is happening now. Wish more people had your attitude – look at the human aspect not the skin, religion, etc.

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