God is More Than Enough

The Lord is my shepherd, the beginning of the twenty-third Psalm, one of the most recognized chapters of the Bible, is discussed in the, entitled, God is More Than Enough, by Tony Evans.

Mr. Evans gives insight into understanding what it means by having God as our Sheperd, a  protector, a provider, someone we can always go to whatever our circumstance may be. I really enjoyed how the lines of the Psalm were broken down into chapters, and explained in terms everyone can understand.

God should be number one, and all else number two and three and so on… We should remember to look him to first and not think we have to depend only on ourselves for every decision we make. If we are mindful, and listen, remain still, we can hear what our Lord has to tell us.

To borrow a quote from the book itself, “When you know how much God loves you, when you know how much God cares for you, when you know how much He thinks about you, when you know how valuable you are…it will override any emotion that seeks to tear you down.” Sums it for me, what about you?

I received this free copy from Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.

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