Okay, is there something wrong with certain individuals who seem to think it’s okay to leave thier children in hot cars just so they can shop for a “few minutes”?? And then, when the officers arrive at the scene, the young one may or may  not be alive and all they have to say is, “I forgot” or “I was only gone for _______ minutes.” Why does this sad, tragic event have to keep on happening?

Someone mentioned reasons why children get left in the vehicles, let’s see, stress, being young, what else was mentioned, oh yes, thinking someone else was going to watch them. Okay…..does the word responsible ever enter the brains of these people? Maybe they do love thier little ones but if they have to bring them on an errand, for goodness sake, take them in the building where they are going to conduct their business.

Child care, I know, is expensive, and not everyone can afford it and not everyone has someone they can call to babysit either. I understand that. I have been there myself. I took my sons with me and when I had the opportunity to leave them in the care of my husband or a friend, I did. I returned the favor in kind. But I would never, under any circumstances, deliberately leave them in a hot van or car just so I wouldn’t be inconveniced by their presence.

Okay there were a couple of times when they got locked in the van but they were immediately rescued. I did not allow them to suffer and it broke my heart to see them in there while getting the door unlocked to get my keys. From that time on, I have very OCD about my keys. I always make sure I have them in my hand or hooked onto my purse where I can see them when I am out and about.

And now for the kicker, how can the adults, whom the toddlers and babies rely on to keep them safe, have the nerve to say that they forgot or that they were only gone a short time? How does that justify neglect?  I just can’t accept that reasoning. Just doesn’t make sense.

Too  many  parents out there care for their kids and want to do right by them and when something like this happens, it just breaks your heart, doesn’t it? Little person suffers due to the stupidity of a so-called adult.  I  have always said if you can’t take of something, don’t have it. Maybe a bit harsh, but it’s very true. Then again, a tragedy can always teach a valuable lesson. I  just hope the students in these lectures have really  paid attention and won’t fail next time.


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