Almost Intolerable

Dry, crunchy, sticks lay

On the ground everywhere

That we walk in neighborhood

And drive by in the city

Tall trees stand struggling to maintain

Their strength and dignity

The heat is almost unbearable

Even to them and supposedly

They can take it

Don’t see much brightness right now

The flowers want to  hide

They’re afraid of the hot ball

Of fire in the clouds, that bears down

On them everyday, expecting them to grow

People losing thier breathe

Never regaining the chance to live

Animals suffering from the harmful rays

That bake thier bodies, dying preventable


Temporary relief just came today

Cool temperatures

The windows flew open and we all calmed down

Proceed with caution, it might be too good to be true

Could be a teaser, just messing with us

During the intolerable, cruel circumstances

We call the Heat wave or what I call the Burning of the land.


2 thoughts on “Almost Intolerable

  1. I’m computer illiterate, and having discovered you, and read some of your archives ( I’ll work through the lotl but give me time!)I want to become a follower, but can’t see anywhere on your site to click. Am I missing it in the obvious place? Love the stuff on Mark Twain, who helped one of my heroes, US Grant, get his memoirs finished before he died of cancer

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