So Long, Sheriff

As most of you know, Mr. Griffith has passed away and gone on to a  better resting place. He’s now with some of the other cast members of the beloved series, “The Andy Griffith Show”. You know the one, about Mayberry, the little town in North Carolina with characters like Aunt Bee and Opie and and  his faithful best buddy, Barney Fife, and deputy. Everything seemed to make sense in that town, even in the midst of chaos.

For example, when Otis, the town drunk, would come into the jail, he seemed to know exactly where he had  to stay. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Fife had a special place for him, all set up for him to sleep off the boozy adventure. Next day, he’d be sober, with a bit of a headache, but he’d be okay and free to go. There were other moments too, when some  out of control visitors to the town would reek some havoc and cause all sorts of trouble, bu there was Sheriff Taylor and Deputy Fife, taking care of them, sending them on their way.

Mr. Fife was something a hero wanna be, bless his heart. He always tried so  hard to uphold the law and do the best he could do with what he had. Curse that trigger finger, ouch, with one pull of the trigger, and he’d shoot his foot, straight through his shoe. Pretty funny stuff. But you know, you had to feel  sorry for him, he didn’t really mean to be so bumbling, I don’t think. No, Barney just wanted to a great lawman andmove up in the ranks and be respected. I tend to think he was.

One of my favorite scenes as always Andy on the porch strumming his guitar after dinner. always that was so cool. Simple, pure, pleasure, in the night air, in the company of whomever strolled by. Aunt Bee was a good cook and she kept Andy and Opie well fed. They certainly weren’t starving. Andy was the gentle voice of reason, as he was never truly harsh, he just tried to teach in his own down home way.

The reason why so many love, “The Andy Griffith Show” and others similar to it? Hmmm.. worlds that maybe we’d like to part of today, simple living, friendly people, helping one another, no constant badgering from the media about this star’s private life, heck they didn’t have the web nor cell  phones, they just had magazines, books, telephones, and newpapers. Imagine that. Everyone got along just fine without them.

Now if we could just have that same kind living today, with acceptance of everyone, without referring to color of skin, forgetting about disability, and on and on the list goes, wouldn’t that be great? Gee, Sherriff, I’d think you’d be proud.Rest in Peace, Mr. Griffith, you will be missed.


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