Playing with Markers

Had some fun with markers and cardboard the other day. They asked me to take them and run wild. That’s it, just put the color to the cardboard and draw whatever design came into my head. Colors unlimited. Freeform all the way, without rules on exact size or length or how something is supposed to look.

Mindless vacation is what I took and it was quite relaxing. Nothing to think about, just the idea that I was letting the marker do its thing while I figured out mine. Perfection is not what was aimed for in my escape from the everyday frazzle of the real world. Nah, just  a creative outlet and an attractive piece that I could enjoy looking at and sharing with everyone else.

Kinda takes one back to being little, with the big fat, Crayola, crayons and the plain paper you were given to draw pictures on. Coloring books with pictures that had cartoon characters in them that you used to love, and turned them into something spectacular with colors like midnight blue, yellow, orange, magenta. etc.. Thank goodness we still have crayons and markers and colored pencils and the like. How boring life would be without them. Just depressing.

My vacation in the mind took me to summer as we are definitely there now, and I drummed up some vivid images that I thought appropriate for now.

Thank you, Crayola, for hanging in there and showing the world that one doesn’t have to have high tech anything to have a good time! Let’s hear it for markers, crayons, oh my!!


4 thoughts on “Playing with Markers

  1. sounds liberating – I remember when I was a senior in high school, a friend and I bought colouring books and would colour to stave off the stress of senior year and trying to get into university and it worked beautifully

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