Monday Just Keeps Repeating Itself!

Wow, so far, I think Monday is trying very hard to hold on to the rest of week. For some reason, it has been a strange one at least until today. Exhausting is more like it. My brain already feels drained of usefulness and wants to go on vacation somewhere someone does all the work. Is there such a place where one doesn’t have to lift a finger? Hmm…let me know.

Tomorrow is Thursday and hopefully it will be better, must be better! Come on, Murphy, have some pity, will ya? I know your stickin laws and how sassy you can be, but do have to pick on all of  us? Do ya?  You just like to be difficult. Wonder if taking some deep breathes, and thinking about how another day is made available for us all by the hand of our most wonderful Father, will help?

And then there’s my dog, the funny looking, smush faced, boston terrier who always wants attention, sitting beside us staring as if to say, “Excuse me, I’m cute, pet me, and by the way nobody loves me.” Yeah right, Max. Maybe that’s why God put the animals down here on earth, not only for us to admire and learn about, but have as stress relievers, buddies, and family members, and okay, slumlords. He’s in charge, we humor Max. (Just don’t tell him)

The bright sun of new season introducing summer which I think has already arrived long before spring has left the building, is cheering some of us up. With all the new plants, the desire to get outside and enjoy all creation and spend time outside with others. Sweet ice tea, catching fireflies, running in the grass barefoot, staying up late talking and watching the stars, okay, so Wednesday wasn’t so bad and tomorrow won’t be either. Distraction is what I needed and I got it. Thank  you, God, you’re a great help!!


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