Just When You know Someone!

I’m not finished reading the book  yet, but I have made some surprising discoveries about an author that I didn’t know about in the past. Samuel Clemens or Mark Twain to most of us, the author of such books as you know, that adventuresome Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn to name a couple. That’s the guy. Well, seems the man was a very intlelligent in addition to being what I would call a smart aleck.

He was very well traveled, having lived in Europe and in various places in the United States such as California and New York. He never forgot his midwestern roots, in fact, the most famous characters were based on some of the antics of his childhood and some of the people he knew. So far I have read that of course, he would try to get his brother in trouble but those plans would backfire on him. Brotherly love, what can you say? Then again, his own children seemed to have inherited the gene of mischief from thier dad, as Mr. Twain writes about how they’d rat him out for his own bad behavior. How cool is that?

I also noticed that Mr. Twain was a caring human being, who reached out to others in need. He wanted to help where he could even with his staff whom he seemed to treat with great respect. You can tell he loved his family deeply, especially his wife and children. His wife was disabled for some time but he stayed with her and didn’t let that stop thier attraction to one another.

The book, “The Autobiography of Mark Twain”, written by the great writer himself, doesn’t follow a traditional path like most life stories do. He doesn’t start with I was born on… He writes what he wants whereever he wants and it all makes sense. There are headlines for the reader to understand what’s coming next and dates and some editing marks, which keeps it real. Whoever decided to publish this after Mr. Twain’s death, definitely respected his wishes. Every notation, picture of scrap paper, and actual order of how it was to be published is presented in great form.

Just like the author would want it. His way and it’s the right way, at least for him, the man, who brought a lot of taboo subjects to our attention, with humor and exaggeration and great storytelling. Mr. Clemens worked hard to get where he was, by writing for magazines and newspapers  which eventually afforded him the priviledge of meeting some very important individuals like General Grant and some presidents along the way.

I am not done with gianormous book yet, but when I am I will let everyone know the rest of the story, well, in his words, part 1. Now.. if you’ll excuse me, Mr. Twain and I need to  keep our reading date….


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