Just Doodling

Sometimes, it’s nice to just take a pen, colored pencil or whatever you have on hand and just draw whatever comes to mind. Today, I was thinking about that favorite activity that most of us like to do when the weather says we can: riding bicycles and hopping on a scooter. The idea of just taking off and riding down the street reminds me of when I was a kid, racing my bike up and down the street and to my friend’s house to play.

One step away from a motorcycle and a bit cheaper too, considering there’s no gas tank to fill. I can remember the banana seat bike I had, purple, ahem, in honor of my adoration of Donny Osmond. (For those of you who don’t know, he was a 70s heartthrob and part of the Osmond brothers band.) Purple was his favorite color and what better way to show that I was a fan. Definitely got use out of that bike. I have even done some searching online and noticed some refurbished ones and old pictures of banana seat bicycles. How cool is that.

But drawing one and adding others in the mix, at least my interpretation of the big wheel, tricycle and scooter, just felt good. Summer tends to make me go on autopilot and feel a bit more relaxed. Just makes sense to think about riding outside in the warm sun and checking out the scenery. Maybe going to someone’s house for a visit or some cool hangout spot. I have noticed that on warm, sunny, days, more  of us  are outside than in. The warm sun draw us out, asking us to enjoy that’s around us, to relax a while and let the mind wander.



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