What Character!

Driving downtown to a local eatery, I found myself drawn to my favorite sites: old buildings. They stand out like proud citizens, with lots of color and sturdiness and charm. Such intricate details on some that you just can’t help want to compliment the builder. That’s why I like going to places like Historic Fountain Square in downtown Indianapolis, In. You will find those old characters, the buildings that never came down, that are still standing.

The designs are interesting and tell a story from their past, maybe from many centuries ago and maybe from mid-century. Doesn’t matter, I love them all. And I like the area that is filled with artistic creations and soul and fun. The residents seem to want to take care of their corner of downtown, as construction is ongoing. Improvements I’m sure. Business is not hurting as I saw many still open and patrons coming and going.

But those structures that draw me to them, that make me want to stay and make a home out of them, so attractive with the brick and glass and lettering and even the names on the signs. The stories that each could tell if they had a voice, of who lived where and when and who owned a previous store front and what they sold.

The fountain, with its patina of green, that graces the middle of all the bustle of the area known as Fountain Square, seems to sum up the area quite nicely: Beautiful, colorful, and never fading away. Now to plan my next trip down there, as I saw other people’s memories in an antique shop…..


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