The Harvest of Grace, An Ada’s House Novel- A Review

Forgiveness is the first word that comes to mind when describing The Harvest of Grace, An Ada’s House Novel, by Cindy Woodsmall, which is part of a series of novels, this being the first one I have read. Forgiving those who have hurt you deeply and left scars of betrayal in your heart is very hard to do but yet that’s what the characters in Ms. Woodsmall’s novel are dealing with.

The main character, Sylvia Fisher, has left her family farm after learning that her younger sister, Becky is to become the wife her former fiancé, Elam. Against her father’s wishes, but yet with some conditions, she chooses to live on a farm with another Amish couple, Michael and Dora Blank. Their son Aaron arrives and the healing somehow begins for both Sylvia and Aragon and for his parents too.

Cara has to learn to forgive her father, Trevor for abandoning her in order to move on and have peace in her life. And as hard as it is for to do so, she actually finds the strength to say those incredibly difficult words to say,”I forgive you.”  Cara feels happier, lighter, and she can also understand her dad’s side of the story as he had his own struggles too.  Seems some of the church members had faith in Cara’s heart changing from unfeeling towards everyone but her daughter and brining her Dad into the picture certainly helped.

Forgiveness, easy to say but not easy to do. For some lessons on how, read Ms. Woodsmall’s novel, and see how one goes about the process and even though it’s a fighting battle, it’s well worth losing on the side of, “I forgive you.” That’s what God wants us to do, so we can be at peace not only with others but with ourselves.

I received this free copy from Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.

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