In the Spotlight

This is the “third son”, Max!

Going to the bank today, you’d thought the dog was the customer and my son was just there to drive him. We go in with Max, our Boston Terrier, or I as I call him, “my third son”, and the employees come over and start petting him. One guy brings a treat to him. I told him, he’s the dog’s new best friend. I think there’s a conspiracy among our pets. They  really do know how to make do what they want. Think about it.

If your pet wants to play, do they just sit there and hope you notice, I don’t think so. Max will bring his toy over to us and put it on our feet and then dare us to play tug of war with him. He thinks he’s in charge. We humor him. I tell people he’s the slumlord at our house, the one we pay the mortgage to. We just happen have his permission to live there with him.

Well, the reality is that he adopted our youngest son, Zachary. The next door neighbor traveled so much that he couldn’t take care of Max as well as he would have liked. Noticing the instant friendship between our son and his dog, he decided we should have the dog. (I firmly believe Max somehow made him do this) Max wanted new humans to live with. We are such suckers!! Oh well, we couldn’t resist the mushy, goofy face and his antics.

He’s kinda cute and boy is he ever entertaining. Walkie is one of the favored words in the house. Goes nuts when Zacharys says it. Just like he went beserk at the bank with out the attention, he just couldn’t be still. It was as if Max was saying, “Wow! Attention, this is cool! Can I have more, please?!” Goober.

To be honest, life with the furry fellow is  much sweeter and much funnier. We tend calm down quicker when those black ears are petted. Those big, buggy eyes that stare back and want more and then the  black body that snuggles beside us, well, that just takes the cake. Hey,  we have permission to share the chairs. Max said it was okay. Guess I know who’s going with us next time we go to the bank. Man, should we dress a little better this time or maybe put him in suit…..???


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