Moving Forward

Today was interesting and a bit exhausting too. My son took the first step toward adulthood and applied for his first job and then talked with a driving instructor about driving lessons. Wow, go man, go! Whew! My day at work was frustrating and drawn  out but you know, that’s okay, I have to be able to handle those aggravting days when things don’t go as well I want them to. If something doesn’t work, well, try again.

That’s what my son and others just entering the real world as we call it, are going to face. Ups and downs and challenges they haven’t encountered before because maybe they weren’t exposed to them. I keep telling Zachary when he goes to college there will be  professors with outlandish ways of thinking but he will just have to respect them for their behavior. To me, they just open the mind that much more and make you understand what they are trying to teach you. You learn that way. Never have to accept but do respect and enjoy the ride.

The 2012 Senior class is just now realizing that class is over and they have to keep moving ahead, without the bus ride, without the greeing from the principal or announcements in the mornings. Scary and exciting at the same time, we have been there. They can handle it. They just need to take slow breathes, exhale, and pass go. The higher education is wating and so are the summer jobs that will help fund the tuition, books, and other necessities like gas for the car. Oh, and don’t forget the take out, too. Just need to call the Driving School tomorrow and …..


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