What to Do?

Have to resist the calendar of events now. No more looking at the yearly schedule of holidays and meetings and dances. Wow! The first time in twelve years we don’t have to adjust to what the school has to offer. Will be interesting but manageable. Freeing I suppose.  Our son is actually out of High School and on to the next phase in his life. And that means a new chapter for myself and my husband too.

We can plan more freely now instead of worrying about the school field trips and when vacations are. We just plan and go. Oh man! What a treat is that! Maybe this is our chance for more indepence too, a challenge to grow as well. Something to look forward to and experiment with, dip our feet into and see how it feels and keep on submerging until we are swimming all the way with our heads up. Just like our son.

Growing up is hard but rewarding, doing for oneself without assistance is freeing. The reward comes when you see the accomplishment, that’s the pat on the back, the smile on the face. Zachary is on  his way and so are we, now where can go next???


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