Final Destination

May 25, 2012, he walked onto the stage, after waiting what seemed like an eternity for twelve years and was handed his diploma. Looking around at his friends, I can only imagine what he was thinking. Wow, there are buddies of mine I’ve known since first grade! And look! That girl lived on my street for a few years! Man, the field trips, the class parties, the weekends we played in the street. Has it been that long? Are we really ready for the next the big step? The principal answered that question: yes, they are and they have earned it.

When I observed the students sitting in the rows on the main floor, I saw small children, on the verge of adulthood, eager to explore and take on the new challenges ahead of them. Exciting nonetheless and wondering where each will go from here. Every Senior has worked so hard to earn thier diploma and to walk the stage and to be congratulated. Every camera that clicked, video camera that shot thier movements, and applause that said,”Great Job!”, meant their efforts paid off. They have bright futures ahead of them and they will succeed.

The red gowns worn the young men and white gowns worn by the young ladies, with pride and dignity, and with the turn of the tassel, they let the world know that they have made the final destination from childhood to becoming the wonderful, productive, adults, we know they can be. And what a trip the next will be! Congratulations to my son, Zachary and to the rest of the graduating class of 2012!!


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