He’s Got the Look

My son Zachary is graduating this friday, May 25, 2012, after twelve long years of hard work in school. His dad and I look back at his life in pictures at the little boy from infancy to toddlerhood to schoolage and now young adulthood and just can’t believe that the time has come for him to make the next move. Transitioning from the comfort of school teachers allowing you extra time to turn assignments to a professor who says it’s  your choice, is a bit scary to say the least.

Entering the work force and clocking in when scheduled and following bossses’ orders will be an adventure for him, as he’s  never worked before either. It’s be good for him, though. He will become even more independent than he is now. Zachary will learn how take care of matters he hasn’t thought of before. The money earned will go toward daily cost of living and school and he will learn to budget. Inching ever further away from myself and his dad, he’s becoming his own person, determining what to do and when. His opinions are strong and the constant questions he asks show he’s interested and willing to learn more. Life lesson for all of us: You will encounter multiple opinions that vary from yours, respect them.

Meeting the public and intereacting with them on a regular basis versus just being around classmates all day will open him up to being more understanding. Better problem solving skills so that if a dilemma is tossed his way, he can handle it. Right now, his biggest is just realizing that the school days are over and he’s actually graduating. When I asked Zach if he was excited about his big day, he just had a look void of emotion, which told me he is conflicted. He’s both excited and scared as this is huge. For any Senior in High School, it’s a big deal, and one to be proud of. We’ve all had that look of terror before: leaving the famliar and actually having to enter this alien lifestyle that we know absolutely nothing about, but are curious nonetheless. He’s ready and we’ll be there to watch him go down the road to success. Congratulations, Zachary! You’ve earned the look!


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