You Were Born For This- A Review

Miracles, they do happen, just ask anyone who has experienced an extraordinary event in their life. Maybe they were faced with a life-threatening illness and they pulled through, or maybe somehow they found a relative they had lost touch with. The book, “You Were Born For This”, by Bruce Wilkinson, author of “The Prayer of Jabez”, discusses the subject of miracles being performed by everyday people in various circumstances. Mr. Wilkinson uses Bible verses to illustrate the great power that miracles have and why God wants us to minister to others by reaching out in times of need.

The miracles that are mentioned are real, they have a profound effect on the individuals, and their faith in God increases because someone takes the time to care. Bruce provides seven keys for us to listen to God and actually carry out His mission of love while changing the lives of those around us. Whether there’s a financial need, a relationship to be mended or someone needing to get out of an unsafe situation, we can provide the outlet for the right path, the right mending. We just have to open our hearts, our ears and be patient, and know when God calls us to do His work, we will honor Him by following His suggestions. Yep, God’s love is a miracle and that was proven when Jesus died on the cross and came to back to life on the third day. Good job, Mr.  Wilkinson.

I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.

For more information on Mr. Wilkinson:

On Waterbrook Press:

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