Mother’s Day

Mommas have  progressed haven’t they? Being able to work outside the home if they so choose or work from home or just stay home, the options are endless. Well, some parts about being a momma will always remain. (This also applies to those who take on the role of mom). Let’s see it all starts with this little bundle of what are we going to do now once we get him or her home syndromne. You know what I mean. Rushing to check on the baby to make sure they are breathing, sleeping, wanting to hold them as often as possible.

Next thing you know you have a mobile one who wants to be chased all over the house ond yard or maybe the playground. Someone who also keeps you up at night on occasion when they are sick, who needs a little extra attention, maybe a trip to the doctor or a treat slipped in on the side. Not that I have ever done that, mind  you. Ahem. Safety latches have already been installed for peace of mind but somehow they find a way into something. I can remember blue ink being intricately drawn all onver a wall in the kitchen. Hmmm.. sneaky hu?  Guess the pens should have been hidden on higher ground.

Here comes the yellow bus to take them to school, to learn things about thier world that they need to know. Making new friends, to invite over for playdates, for birthday parties, sleepovers, or as one of my friends did once, to “kidnap” and take to McDonalds to play with her kids. Of course, I knew and they had a good time. She is still like a mom to them. This is the time when our kids slowly let go of our hands, when being a mom isn’t as important to them as we’d like, although it’s a very slow process.

Dating, dances, sports, can I have the keys to the car please? Don’t hug me anymore and for pete’s sake don’t choose my clothes for me. Oh geez another shopping trip with mom or dad, how uncool is that. Yep, the teenage years, when the youngster in them is in fighting with the adult they really want to become. You know you want to keep them under your wing as long as possible, to try and protect from the whatever is out in the real world. Strings have to be cut and they have to learn to fly on thier own. When they stop needing us as much, when they decide for themselves on a regular basis how they want to live, and especially when they take thier diplomas in their cap and gown, that’s when we have done good, don’t you think? Happy Mother’s Day!


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