The Wild Things Live On

Great sadness in the world of children’s literature occured today. Maurice Sendak, author of “Where the Wild Things Are” passed away at age 83.  I remember reading the beloved book to my boys when they were little, and imagining that they were in the book too. Dressed up and pretending to be a willd thing, going on adventures, and having a rambuctious time. I can also remember watching the gentle series “Little Bear” on Nicklelodeon, and enjoyng all the fiun that Little  Bear had with his friends and how well he got along with them.


Mr. Sendak brought out the fun in childhood and in ourselves. I read that he poked fun at some relatives while writing “Where the Wild Things Are”. Hope they had a sense of humor. I doulbt he meant any harm, as I saw the book as a loveable way to ignite an imagination, young and old. Most of us will only remember, the beasts and the little boy who played with them, and that’s okay. The story taught us to go out and do different things, to take some chances, and maybe laugh at ourselves for being silly.

The Wild Things will never disappear, they keep making a  fuss, keep boys and girls iinterested in reading and in using thier imaginations. Rest in peace, Mr. Sendak, we will take care of the Wild Things and LIittle  Bear and all the others you created by sharing them with everyone around us. Adventures will continue as we cling to the bears and wild beasts forever because we love them too. Now where is that book, I have to read it to myself….


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