Where I’m Coming From

Been on a mission for several years now. What mission? To go back as far as my family history takes me to see where I began. I have been fascinated by the idea of where my  heritage lies and who my ancestors are. So far the adventure has been a productive one. The family trees on both sides have been growing, especially my daddy’s side, and I am learning more as a new person is added to a branch or birth certificate, or maybe some documentation about an interesting event.

One educational discovery is that I have family who came over on the Mayflower from England. I am wondering if both sides did this as there are relatives that lived in Halifax, VA and  and King James, Va and other cities in Virginia. Knowing where the root of the all the ancestry takes place is a joyful process for me as I want to learn about everyone who lived where they lived, what they did, and how they impacted the rest of the clan so to speak. Recently a new relative contacted my cousin who has been extremely helpful in conducting the family history research and now more members are being attached.

Have you ever wondered where your roots began? What country or countries your beginnings took place and how during the growth process, all the branching out made the members go thier ways and become who they are today? Do you ever wonder if you have multi heritage and not just one?  I do. There’s Irish, some Norwegian, a believe a little Native American and others in my background. I don’t claim to be full blooded anything but just me and that’s good enough. But the story of how the family started, and progressed, is something I want to preserve for future generations so that they know more about theirselves, a bit of a history lesson. Hasn’t it been said we learn from the past how to manage the future? Hmmm..I want to know all of the editions, all  of the volumns and I don’t want them to end.


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