Talk About “Fearless”

There’s a new book, writtern by author Eric Blehm, about a Navy Seal who risked his life for the safety of millions in the middle east back in 2010. His faith was incredibly strong and that faith helped through all the nightmares that war can bring upon a person. The first chapter gives a glimpse of the person he was prior to becoming a soldier and eventually a family man. Mr. Blehm does a good job of allowing us to see the real Adam Brown, in a respectful manner that I am certain makes his family proud.

There’s an eerie thought behind the title though and the feeling that Adam’s son wakes up with one morning. His son senses something is going to happen and it won’t be good. Adam is unaware but isn’t afraid, he is one of those who’d say, “Is that all you got?” Unfortunately, Adam does lose his life in Afghanistan in the Hindu Kush mountains in 2010. All serviceman and women know that sometimes there’s a chance that death will be the ultimate end even though they try not think about it.

I could tell from the individuals intereviewed that seemed a mandatory request to publish Adam’s story to let the world know how brave this man was, how  he wanted to help, and how he sacrificed his own life for the safety of others, so that some peace could be put back in their lives. How does that verse go, “Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for another.” Now that’s fearless.

The book is published by Waterbrook Press.

Here are some links should you want to see more.

Video is on You tube:

Chapter 1:


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