My, How They Change!

Nearly twenty years ago, you were a preemie in the NICU waiting to go home with Mom and Dad. All you had to do was gain some weight and you would be freed from the enclosed bed you slept in. Through the years, we have watched you grow, and from that little fragile, infant you grow you did. You learned how to do so many things. Walking, talking, feeding yourself, eventually learning to ride the bus that would take you this new and exciting place called school.

All the birthday parties that we had for you, at school and at home, with various themes, ranging from cartoon characters to the Olympics, as your interests changed. You have grown so much and learned so much over the years. You have become what we always knew you would be: a smart, capable, handsome gentleman, who can do anything he sets his mind on. We believe in you.

That little baby who came into the world fighting is now a confident individual, one who has shown his momma that yes, you can do what you want and not be afraid to try. Standing firm for what you believe in is something that took me longer to learn than for you. I can tell you will succeed in life in whatever you choose to pursue.

Tonight you are at the Prom, taking that first step to being independent. You have been aiming for this prize ever since you were born. Each year has brings you closer to being on your own. And when the time comes in May, when the diploma is placed in your hand, you will have begun a new journey that leads you to a new life, with new opportunities to go for. We may grab the tissues, or may pretend that we aren’t sad, but we will always let you know that we are proud of you, now and always. The door is waiting for you for turn the knob…Are you ready??


All dressed up for Senior Prom!


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