Leaning On Each Other

I was walking around my neighborhood and decided to take my camera with me. The day before had been a bit upsetting so I wanted to clear my head and relax. Taking pictures just seemed to be a natural thing to do. Bright sunny day, cool and comfortable, I admired the green grass, which was coming up thick and lush, the various flowers that were planted adding color to the yards I passed by. I even saw some various shades of Bradford Pears too. You know, they can be quite colorful depending on the season.

Now two trees in particular caught my eye. They were next to each other, in two separate yards, with branches touching and leaves creating a heart like shape. Looked to me like they were almost hugging each other. The sun came through the opening in between them offering some light in the middle of the shade. Here’s the picture I took:

“The Giving Tree” By Shel Silverstein came to mind, remember the story? About a boy and a tree that is constantly helping him throughout all the stages of his life, even when it becomes a stump?  That tree was selfless, and caring and compassionate. It really wanted to help that little boy, to make his life better. And he did. And in the end, the boy showed some gratitude by using it as a chair to rest on. The boy still like the tree, the tree was its friend. Kind of best friend in plant form. They were depending on one another for support, like the two trees in the snapshot I took, to carry each other’s burdens when necessary, to lighten their days with a bit of laughter or just to be there with a pair of alert ears.

Seems lately there has been much tragedy in the world, and why it’s happening, we really can’t explain.  One result of the bad is that strength can emerge from it, as demonstrated by the tornado victims from the March 2 storms. They are rebuilding, starting over again, the kids are back in school with new supplies and a temporary school. The mother who lost her legs is back home with modifications so she can live there with her family. Life is going on. Healing is beginning.

Those two trees have been through many a strong storm, wind and rain, Midwestern winters, hot summers and magnificent falls. They haven’t fallen down, they are upright. I wonder if the homeowners are good friends, and have talked about the closeness of the trees. What a conversation piece! Like the trees in my neighborhood, the victims of tragedy find a way to lean on one another for strength and endurance, to get through the loss, to go ahead and mourn, yell, and question the logic behind the horrible event. That’s how we begin again. But more importantly, God is with us and I believe that those trees were His way of letting me know He’s there for us every step of the way and He doesn’t let go. He

doesn’t work that way. We need each other and we need Him, that’s what leaning is all about. Just think about the trees., even if you don’t believe in Him.


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