Waking Up

Spring is here or is it summer already? I am beginning to think that God has fast forwarded past Spring and jumped right into Summer. Oh well, either way, it’s warm and airy outside now and everyone is breathing easy. The earth is revealing it’s bright, beautiful colors again for us to enjoy, with flowers blooming and green grass emerging to be mowed. Naptime is over. The white blanket of snow and gray skies have gone for another few seasons, allowing for renewal and new beginnings.

Easter is the next holiday to celebrate and although not everyone does, it’s a time to remember why it’s celebrated this time of year. After all, the energy of the sun is shining down upon us, like God’s love, and when Jesus took our sins and went to Hell and back, He brought the light back into our lives as well.

The light of the sun reminds of how we need to shed the bad and start with good, to try again and again and not give up. We plant the sees for food to grow, the flowers to decorate our yards, the trees to give shade, why not plant the idea that we can do something new and feel good about ourselves. Now, take those winter pajamas off and put the short sleeves on and get to work. It’s time to wake up.


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