Whatever Comes to Mind

Inspiration doesn’t expire for those like to be creative. For writers, it seems ideas can be found anywhere we look, hear, read, etc.. Yesterday, I listened to a favorite Garth Brooks song, “Standing Outside the Fire”. The song is about determination, not being afraid of a challenge, as one line in the chorus says, “Life is not tried if you’re standing outside the fire”. Now if you have seen the video, you will notice a young adult male who happens to have Down Syndrome, wanting to race with the other athletes. His coach suggests Special Olympics but this  young man signs up on the other roster, with the regular runners.

Lessons in life are constantly being thrown at us, in the form of obstacles that we either have to charge through head on or run away from. My son Joshua has certainly been inside the fire and brought along his daddy and I with him. He has made us unafraid to be strong, to speak up for change when necessary, to be silly just because it’s better than being sad. His childlike thinking reminds me that sometimes you just have to  ignore what others might think of you, just go out there and do what you are itching to do, and enjoy the outcome. Kids certainly don’t have much fear when it comes to having fun, they climb the monkey bars, they race thier bikes, pick up frogs, and sometimes give us a fright, but don’t we secretly wish we were more like them? No ego to worry to about, just enjoying the moment, the scenery, and maybe drawing a picture later to hang on the fridge. Heck they might even write a story.Yeah, Joshua, that’s inspiration. 


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