Never be Ashamed

I was watching an episode of “Swamp People” this evening and a comment that one of indivuals made stuck in my mind. He mentioned getting picked on as a kid because of his heritage and that the fact that he happens to live in the swamp.  How pathetic that we are judged by where we live, and by how we look. To me, Mr. Paul is just fine the  way he is. He is a good person, a hard working man, trying to provide for his family and one who has paid a great deal of attention to his daddy so far.

His daddy, R. J., is a wonderful example for Jay Paul to follow. He doesn’t give up, he keeps on trying. He fights for what is right, and not always with muscle but with brains. The citizens who live in the swamps in Louisana are resourceful, they are smart, they know the land, and they are definitely brave. Maybe not everyone will agree with their hunting of alligators, but it’s something they do for a living and only during the hunting season. The swamp is their provider, thier meal maker, their job creator, their shelter, their community where they can all celebrate what they do.

Learning about each other is what makes understanding so much easier. Lessens the  uneasiness, the  unwillingness to to make friends. Me, I’d like to meet them all in person and tell them how much I admire what they are doing. How crazy they are for diving in the water, the flotants are they called, looking for thier catch, because that just screams character, tradition, determination, and something to hold one’s head up for .

To Mr. Paul and the rest, you are worthy just as you are, and don’t let anyone say otherwise, and if someone does, maybe it’s they who have the problem with they how they view theirselves. Our country is made of many heritages and backgrounds, so how can anyone cast us in one color or race? Just plain stupid. Nope, we are all different and yet we are still human, still the same regardless of so called class, job, etc.. and that is the way it is.


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