Something New

Today is my 47th birthday and it feels like a whole new beginning for me. I am still making cards, still writing, still feeling giddy when I walk into a craft store and see all the goodies I can use to make other things. Seems age is just a number we are assigned on a yearly basis, regardless of how we feel inside. To me, if the attitude is right, the age doesn’t matter. Shouldn’t we all beleive we are capable of doing whatever we set out to do?


From recent conversations, I have heard a few say that due to age they can’t do anything any more. Now, I disagree, because we can all participate in life’s adventures in some capacity. We can draw, listen to music, dance, sing, cook, visit others, travel, camp, etc.. there’s no limit. Just choose what you want to do and go for it. Barriers like age and even disability should not prevent one from persuing a dream. make adjustments,  adapt, but don’t stop living.

Today is wrapped in sunshine, accented with the growing grass that’s trying to emerge from its long winter sleep. The birds are serenading me on this, the first day of daylight savings time. Hmm, God is good and today is fresh. Spring is coming, wonder what I run into then? Can’t wait to find out!


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