Ideas Keep Coming

The card shop  has closed but not the ideas. I am still addicted to making cards and probably will never stop. I enjoy making them. For now, though, the store will remain closed, but I will continue to make cards and if anyone wants to buy them, they are welcome to do so. Can’t control the urge to draw, cut, stencil, glue, you name it, to create a card. Such fun and relaxation!

On a particularly stressful day, I was taking a my usual work break, and decided to make an Easter card for my momma. All my splintered nerves were sandpapered over to smoothness and I began to feel so much better. Just focusing on something else for a few minutes, something that would make another person happy, and force me to come up with cool embellishments, was the medicine I needed. I went a step further and started playing with some pastel pencils and began to draw faces, just to see what I could do. Yes, they need some sprucing up, some alteration, but one can tell that they are faces with hair and necks. They just need to look more professional.

Feel like a kid with grown up crayons! But who says one outgrows those anyway? Ideas and creativity come in all  forms of media, all ages and there is no end to what anyone can dream up. As I have said before, no expiration date. What’s even better is that the craft world is always updating what one can play with! Card stock, beads, paper punch, die cuts, etc.. just never stops and who wants it to. I don’t.

Art is something we all need in our lives, and it is all kinds of avenues, from music to cooking, to sewing, to writing, to well… you pick… All I can say is, give me some paper and something to draw with and I am in! Anyone else? Hmmm..Let’s see, if I just draw it this way….


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