A gun that several  gang members share and actually put back in its place. Amazing. I was under the impression that most gangs didn’t like each other due to turf wars or maybe power trips. You do hear about the fights between rival gang members from time to time. To think that some actually work together. Hmmm… but then again, the cause is not exactly an honorable one. They just take turns killing with it.

Sad when bad choices are made out of desperation, when a sense of belonging is needed and the family isn’t there for you. So the gang becomes the family, the father,mother, sister, and brother, you name it, the replacement for the relatives and even friends that one may feel let them down. Gangs have strong bonds, and they look out for each other, they take you in and make you feel important. Deep down a person knows they messed up, but on the surface, they won’t admit it. They will hang and they will find a way to survive.

Guns, drugs, beatings, abandoned buildings, jail time, what a life to life. No stability, no grounded foundation to call a home. Just keep moving like the artful dodger in Oliver Twist. One step ahead of the law. Don’t get caught. Make some fast cash. Use some if you like. Come on; take a swig or two, or three. Let’s party. Everything will be okay. Walking down the street in your specified uniform of colors, people shy away from you, in fear. Is this respect or what, you might think. No, it’s not. The rest of the world wants to live and they don’t want to agitate you.

Community gun sharing, how pathetic. Why not community caring? Safer alternatives for kids to turn to, like YMCAs, art classes, libraries, adults who can advise, offer positive direction.  Better examples of what families should be. No bullying, no hate, no insults, and a safe place to live. Let the talents emerge so that the buried self esteem will radiate through the smile that was hidden beneath the hurt. That’s what I call cooperation


One thought on “Cooperation?

  1. Leslie, well said. There’s something very sad with this world when gangs have a stronger bond than families. You really got the psychology down behind this.

    I’m going to Tweet this.

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