Really Now

Mitt Romney has now declared himself an insenstive moron. Seems he made a disasterous statement about not being very concerned about the “very poor”. Gee, aren’t you a saint. Probably doesn’t care since they can’t line his pockets with funds even though most would like to jump right into a better income bracket. Now I wonder, does that mean that there are no “poor” at all? Are there just the rich and the ??? The heck with it, there are no classes anymore, except for the wealthy and then the ones who live pay to paycheck. That’s reality.

Mr. Romney must live in a protective bubble filled with fantasy land characters or  maybe he just doesn’t want to get along with everyone. Geesh, must be his upbringing. And politicians wonder why the public trust isn’t there? And the approval ratings? What a joke. I doubt those are representative of everyone in the United States, but then again they can’t really poll everyone anyway.

Wonder who else Romney will deny, the disabled like my son Joshua? the elderly? the unemployed? Can someone slap him with a dose of compassion and wake him up to what is known as the “real world”. Okay, I’ll do it. Hand me a pin and I’ll pop that bubble.


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