He Lived His Dream

Took a year to plan the outing but we pulled it off. Our son was most likely the oldest kid to watch the show but that didn’t matter. Disney on Ice was in town and he was going to see it.

Joshua, our oldest son, happens to love Disney, especially the princesses mentioned in the many stories they present in film. What a treat he was in for! He can still name them all, and can tell you the story they belong to. How’s that for memory?

Sunday, my husband picked up him at the house he rents with two other young men, and told him the great news. Talk about one happy guy! The last show for the evening was the one we would be going to see and afterwards someplace for dinner. Tickets in hand and directions to follow to The Conseco Fieldhouse, we were on our way. While looking for parking, we noticed many little “princesses”, all dressed up in their finery, gowns and some with crowns, all heading to the same event we were. Reluctant little guys were seen tagging along with their parents, I’m sure they probably would rather have anywhere else, but hey, it’s Disney and it would be fun.

We sit and watch a most spectacular show of talent on ice that would rival the Olympic skaters. How many have you seen skating in bulky costumes like the gator from “The Princess and the Frog? And what about the horse from “Tangled” I’d be slipping on my behind if it were me. They were all graceful, smooth, making what they did look like it nothing but touching blades to ice. They were very smooth. And the costumes were made to look just like the characters from the movies, details included. Of course, it’s Disney, how else could it be?

Joshua sat for two hours enjoying every movement, word, and song. He clapped and sang and his eyes stayed lit up during the show. The trouble it took to find parking was worth it, since the Super Bowl was days away from coming to our city, and most of the streets were closed. In that dark, crowded, fieldhouse, with music playing loudly over the speakers, our son, got to see his dream come true. The princesses were there to tell their stories, to sing and dance on the ice. Even Mickey and Minnie, Goofy and Donald Duck hosted and introduced each star attraction. If it takes a while to pay off the tickets paid, so be it. We’ll just do it again the next time Disney comes to town. After all, some dreams are meant to come true.


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