Daring Myself

Nothing dared, nothing gained.” That’s what the message in the fortune cookie said. Interesting comment about how one should seek out new opportunities, no matter how insane they might appear, take some chances, and see where the dream takes you.   Reading about the successes of others inspires me to keep moving forward with my card making.

My peers that share selling space on a very popular arts and craft online shopping site have been extremely helpful and supportive. I get a lot of ideas just from admiring their beautiful handiwork, the intricate details and the time they take to craft what they want to sell. They are amazing and I respect them for what they do. They have dared, and they are gaining.  I’m beginning but my gains will come in their own reasonable time.

Art is everywhere and I notice it in the logos that identify companies, products that we use, that keep our attention and allow us to know about who the corporation is without having to do much research. There is artistry in nature, the color combinations, the shapes, every living creature and rock, mineral, etc… Has an element of an artist’s paintbrush and careful deliberation into how they want things to look.

The great authors who have written books that we read over and over again create art with their words, imagery, with the characters they include, the conversations, the feelings they want us to feel, and the message they want to convey to us. We can’t get enough of the written word, whether in a hand held book with a worn out spine, and dog eared pages, highlighted sentences, or an e-reader, we have to have more. The writer paints with their words and that’s what keeps our interest.  Gaining, oh yeah, Peace of mind and happiness with every word I type and every card I create. I am daring all the way.


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