Fresh Start

One year has passed and now a chance to do something new. Opportunities to change for the better, to try something we haven’t done before. Take some risks and see what happens. Resolutions have been made and how long they will be kept is a mystery but still they are made with good intentions.

We all want to improve ourselves in some way, whether to lose weight or learn a foreign language or maybe get organized. Ahem, yeah, organized, I resemble that remark. But, hey, at least I am in good company with millions of others in the world. Kind of eases the frustration a little.  For me, I also need to keep writing and working on my card shop. Those are goals that I can’t quit on even though I have my days where I just want to say, “What am I doing?”
“Am I nuts?” Haven’t made a dime from the shop yet and I keep making the cards.

Decided to add more items to the shop, variety. Bookmarks and other things of interest.

Everywhere I look ideas come at me. Magazines, craft shows, internet newsletters, and a book I just glanced at Half Price Books. Yep, insane indeed. But happy no less. Then again, there’s a scene in “Kung Fu Panda” that really stands out. Po is told the so-called “secret” to making noodle soup by his dad. Po then realizes the reason the dragon scroll is blank, that the confidence comes from within and there is no magic formula. He has to believe in himself. And he does.

Discouraged as I may get at times, I will keep remembering that scene from the movie, that there is no magic to being a success, that there is no wand to wave, no spell to recite. I just have to be stubborn, hard headed; ornery me and keep making the crafts that I love to create and writing as I love to do, and keep posting and sharing. Success will follow eventually. For now, I am enjoying the fresh start that I allowed myself. It’s up for renewal.



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