Today I am celebrating Thanksgiving with my husband and two sons. Sitting down after all the meal preparation to enjoy a delicious meal and just bask in each others company. Not often we can eat together and when we do, it’s really nice. My sons have really grown over the past twenty and nineteen  years and my how they have changed. They are young men now, not little boys. My husband and I are thankful they have grown into their individual persons.

Soon enough, my youngest will be on  his own and then just me and Phil will be left. Maybe the dog, I don’t know. He’ll probably go with Zachary. They are best buds. The house will really be silent without the constant running up and down the stairs, the “I forgot…(fill in the blank)” or the questions we are asked about human nature, “Why do some people…(fill in the blank) do, say, etc..??? Guess we will have to quiz each other just keep the conversations interesting. Zachary sure keeps us on our thinking toes.

Another crisp, sunny, autumn day, leading into winter, which is slowly pushing its way in. Won’t be long, according to the few snow plows I have seen. The city is already prepping itself for the white flakes that coat the streets, the sidewalks, the driveways, and cause the ever anticipated school closures. Of course, where I live, in Indiana, the Super Bowl is on the priority list so they will make sure all can make it to the game.

Hot chocolate, warm blanket, hugs, smiles, and teasing my sons are things I am grateful for. Being able to say Happy Thanksgiving to my momma this morning was something to be thankful for. Glad she and my brother could spend the holiday with her sister and niece and some other family members. Nice to get out and be somewhere else for a change. Of course the holiday video helped too, as resisting, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is just not right. The peanuts really send out the right message.

Being together is more important than the fancy table setting, the elaborate dinner plan with all the rich platters and desserts. Yes, they are delicious and great to eat, but is that what the holidays are really about? Is that what Thanksgiving is about? No, I think it’s about being those you care about, and I like that message.

I also like that others that don’t have much can be helped too, that they are not left out. There are churches, volunteers, individuals who want to make a difference. That’s what Thanksgiving is about, making a difference in everyone’s lives and being grateful for the ability to do so. Togetherness, you got that right, Marcy! You go girl!


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