Are We Missing Something?

Retailers have gotten really greedy this year. Have you noticed that trend, too? Seems that many want to be open at midnight on “Black Friday” instead of later in the morning. Guess they don’t care about their employees. No wonder the lonely Target employee is protesting. Can’t say that I blame him. He will miss most of Thanksgiving for crying out loud. We’re told that “customers would rather come in at midnight” than come in later in the morning. What is the difference? Early is early!  If this a true reflection on our society, then our priorities are extremely distorted. Guess there are consumers who honestly care more about the stuff they can get than the fact that they are robbing others of their family time. How selfish. Reminds me of the incident a couple of years ago in New York where a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death in the name of bargains. And to show how scummy the patrons were, they insisted on being serviced at the check out in spite of the death of a human being. Pardon me, but if I were that manager I would have hauled every last one of the customers out with police escorts and tried to find out killed the individual, locked them  up and left them in jail to think about their sorry heartless actions.

I am so glad that I have never, nor will I ever shop on Black Friday. I have been an employee and worked the retail side of it and it is horrible. For some reason, the customers race through the doors like wild animals with no manners, they take from others, try to grab everything off a shelf so no one else can get a chance at a possible sale item, and the police have to be there for crowd control and extra store security are there as well. It’s the one day  that some just lose their minds and forget how to behave. Not everyone, just for the record.

Retailers add to the nonsense by stocking the seasonal items long before an actual holiday will hit, and then they start with the catalogs, you know the ones, the toy catalogs with the “hottest toys” that your child must have. They are consistent with the media campaigns that forecast what the trends will be and create a frenzy among the shoppers who believe they must bust a gut to break down a door, run another person over, just get that bargain before it’s gone. You do know that limited quantities are available for  this much anticipated shopping weekend. Once they are gone, seems they are gone.

Now I understand that the weekend following Thanksgiving is the biggest money maker for retailers, especially the big chain stores and they are doing all they can to lure the customers in to spend their money, charge their credit cards, sign up for a store one, anything to make the sales. The economy is bad and everyone is desparate to make a living, and there’s no harm in doing so. However, when you deny others the opportunity to spend time with their families, who already work their fingers to the bone for you, and have proven they are loyal, is it asking too much to allow them a whole day of rest?

And something else, since when does Thanksgiving have to overlooked and Christmas become the November holiday?Sure Thanksgiving revolves around family and food, how is that not important? Being thankful not good enough? We need to reevaluate what is really important before are totally blinded by out stupidity. I am going to enjoy Thanksgiving and relish in the comfort of my home on Friday. No sale is enticing enough to draw me out. Nope, not a one. Maybe I’ll get some lunch somewhere or better yet, just stay home and watch holiday movies. God,  please forgive those who have lost their way. Give them a map back to you.


One thought on “Are We Missing Something?

  1. Interesting thoughts here. I agree– I just yesterday heard a commercial from Old Navy saying they would be open all Thanksgiving day. My first thought was “Why? Those poor employees.”

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