They Spent Our Money on That?

Recently published article in the Indianapolis Star by Ryan Streeter about how the government likes to spend money on, um, how do I put this delicately, stupid stuff! There I said it and I don’t mind also saying that I am not surprised. And politicians wonder why the public has such mistrust over their actions? Well, duh!

Now, we all have heard about the stimulus and how it was supposed to help us all, well, okay when will we see that happen? Plenty of people are still out of work and desperately gluing their eyes to the classifieds every Sunday and searching every job listing their city has to offer. So where are the so-called “jobs” that are being created? Why does everything have to happen next year? Why not this year? Procrastination at its finest.

Okay, for those of you who may not have seen the article, here is a sampling of what Mr. Streeter wrote: seems Senator Tom Coburn has decided to reveal the outlandish  or is that frivolous spending habits of our national government. For example, “Why do we send Social Security checks to people who don’t need them?” He’s talking about the wealthy by the way, millionaires. Wow, is that it takes, be a millionaire and get all the breaks? Sign me up. Wait a minute, I don’t make that kind of money, guess that leaves me out in the cold, hu.

Oh, here’s another funny one, “funding  poetry in zoos,  another: actually paying a professor to study “gaming”. Yes, you heard me, he received a “federal grant” and decided to write a book, called “My Life as a Night Elf Priest”. It’s been published. Hmm…are the rest of doing something wrong?? Should we go the government with weird ideas for grants and see if we can get them? Sure as heck can’t get student loans or other financial relief can we?

Sure getting a college education is great and important for the job seeker’s future, but how do you pay the loans off if the job is not there? I think the government should just pay the loans off, they seem to have the money for other crap, what do you think? I’m ready for my check, please, Mr. President. Make it out to…hard working, underpaid, who really needs the money, to help ease the financial burden for her family..Oh wait that’s most of the United States! Alright! Let the money train roll!


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