Working on My Goal

Been writing for as long as I can remember. There is no specific start date for the urge to pick up a writing utensil and put words to paper. I have just had the urge to express myself for many, many years. Pulled an outrageous stunt by actually self-publishing a book of essays. How nuts is that? Where’s my entourage of people? You know the ones who take your picture, the makeup artist, hairstylist…those people?? Oh well, guess I am not as well known as some writers but maybe my time is coming when more will recognize this talented wanna be freelance, book writing fool.

Decided to try a blog and see where that would take me. I like the freedom that I have to say what I want, and have others either like or not like what I have posted. Most of the time I think the response is good. At least from those who have read the posts.  Writing whatever is on my mind, the subject of my choosing. To have the power, ha!  That’s the wonderful advantage about writing, you can express yourself in thousand different words in a thousand pages or more and others will respond.

Writing to me, is a way of conveying a message to others that they might be interested in knowing about. Some of what I have already written about has to do with my oldest son who happens to have  autism. I want to educate the world and let others know that just because one is different, whatever that means, we are really the same. Seriously, do we all have the same personality, ideas, eye color, etc..?? Even multiples are different in some way, even when they are identical in the physical sense.  Scary to think if we all had the same identical ideas, and nothing new or exciting was brought to our attention.

Right now there is a show on TLC called “American Muslims”. Why do we have to have shows like that if we are the “land of the free” where everyone  who is a citizen can live in peace? Why do we still rely on categories when describing others? Does it really matter what skin color, religion, gender, disabled or not? Aren’t we all human?   The way one dresses according to their cultural beliefs doesn’t bother me, why does it matter to any one else? It’s a learning process to get to know the other individual by asking questions. Make a new friend, oh my goodness, can you stand it? The saris (I hope I am getting this right) that are worn in among the woman of India are absolutely beautiful! The patterns are intricate and the colors are jewel like. If we would stop with prejudice and look beyond the  outer appearence we’d find some amanzing individuals out there. Just try and see.Now I realize I may get some flack, and some might say I am just being political. In reality, all I am saying is just use your common sense and the love in your heart that God above would want to extend to everyone, is that asking too much? Do we need any more hate in the world??  Next time you see a person, anybody, just smile and say hi. You make yourself feel better and them too. Is that so hard? Nah, didn’t think so. Okay, let’s form a group called the United World of People! What do you say?


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