Forgot Your Name?

Becoming a parent can be a joyous moment in one’s life. Children can bring major changes that include all kinds of sacrifices that are well worth giving up for the next eighteen years or so, more if your child has special needs. Sleepless nights, lack of a social life unless a babysitter is planned ahead of time, having time for oneself is limited as well but precious when found.

Now there is one thing that is universal with every parent, and I don’t care what country you live in, this has got to be something that kids are just genetically wired to do. What is this mystery power they have? Well, they change our names. You heard me; you can forget the name you were born with. From now on, you are mom, momma, ma, dad, daddy, pop, the list is never ending, and comes in every language on the planet.  And we answer even if the kid isn’t ours!

I mentioned to a friend of mine that our given names change from our birth ones to what the kids decide to address us as. Uncanny how any child can be calling for their mom or dad and we can turn our head assuming the child is ours. How embarrassing if they don’t belong to us. Oops. I am guilty as charged.  You don’t have to understand what the other person is saying either, you can tell by the expression of their words, their face, that they want their parent and that they want a particular something. Yep, kids have universal talents.

Right when you are on the phone, what do the younguns want? Our attention1 Mom! Dad! I need, I want… Well, of course you do, it’s because I am not looking at you so therefore I am ignoring you, right? But when we are cleaning, or cooking or meandering around the house we are not that important. Geesh, how does that work? We sit still and they ask for attention, but we move around and are ignored. Hmm? Could this be the answer for parent’s time out?

To be honest, being a  mom is something I have enjoyed and would not trade all the experiences just to go back to not having my sons. Nope, they have definitely made life much better for me and their dad, much richer, and given us memories to last forever and more to come. Maybe someday I will remember my given name but for now I really do like my current title: Mom, it rocks! Then again, there’s always the next one, grandma!  Oh well, God does have a sense of humor doesn’t He? Or is it the kids? Or both?


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