Going for it!

Deciding to take a chance on a new idea can be scary but at the same time, an enjoyable experience. And I have done just that. My card shop is finally open and I am both relieved and nervous. Never been a store owner before so this new to me. I’m sure I will learn new lessons along the retail trail, and from those I will be more capable to run the business that I so love doing. Being creative relaxes me. Paying attention to details that can make something new for someone else to give, something that stands out, that’s expressive. Playing with materials of all sorts like buttons, card stock, glue sticks and guns, beads, and the list is just endless.

The idea of the online store had been one for a while but I had not been too eager to try.  Intrigued with thought of creating and selling my own cards, I was hesitant to actually take the risk and advertise them online. The only cards I have made in the past have been for family and friends.  Computer software was my one of the first experiences with card making and it’s a lot of fun. Hand making one myself is even better, though. Drawing pictures on scrap paper, thinking about how this ribbon might work with that theme of greeting card, making lists of what I’d like to buy next for more creations. Tedious but satisfying.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, the card making magazines, craft shows on television, sometimes I will photograph something that I see or just arrange myself. Nice to know there is no expiration date on that! Searching the internet for ideas to make my own is also how I find some possibilities for my cards.  I certainly don’t want to be a mirror image of what is always been done before, at least I am trying not to be. Even my dog has become part of the business, as his mug has shown up on a card and maybe more in the future! Hey, when you’re cute, why not?

Risk taking is something many of us like to hide from, because there is uncertainty and no guarantee of a reliable outcome. You don’t know what will happen until you try.  Kind of like trying a new food for the first time, not knowing how it tastes until you take that first bite. Exposing oneself to the world and wondering what they think of your work is intimidating but can be rewarding at the same time. Knowing is learning how to make yourself better. Reading about other individual’s success stories is comforting in that I can read about their anxiety at the beginning of their dreams, and what they think might happen. They hold onto their breath just like I am doing: slowly exhaling, releasing the tension, and just enjoying what the mystery holds for this new page in my life.


2 thoughts on “Going for it!

  1. this is great, Leslie. I am so proud of you, if I may say so. You have reached out, took a risk, trying something different….and you are so creative!!!

    And, fyi: I love Josh! I am so grateful to know him, Rosalie (:

  2. Good luck with the cards. Yes, creativity is somewhat scary, putting it out there, and all…but at least it’s not performance art!! (Ha, I play piano) Found your blog from LinkedIn, I think we already liked each other’s books, mine’s The Word Gang. Mark

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