Can We Ever Learn to Say No?

Amy Winehouse, singer, dead at age 27. Part of her life spent with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. A talented singer, at least that’s what I have read. Didn’t really keep up with her career nor was I a fan of her music. I only knew her by name. There are judges out there criticizing her as she lies stiff and silent, most likely saying, well, she got what she deserved. No one asks to be an addict. Maybe pressure got to her and she needed a release from it. Unhealthy as it was, she chose the wrong kinds. Sad to think that she needed chemicals that kill to feel better, to escape the pressures of being in the public eye. To feel better.

Wasted talent, wasted life. My heart goes out to the family who has to live with the loss of someone they loved. We all deal with losses in our lives. It’s comforting to know that when Ms. Winehouse was found, there were no drugs nor alcohol near her. Kinda reminds me of other celebrities who have died similar deaths. John Belushi, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley. Sound familiar? They all needed something to make them feel better, comfort in the crazy world called stardom. Where they could be somewhere else where demands weren’t put on them. Chemicals were their answer, deadly ones at that.

They were expected to be something larger than life, more than human, able to do more than we can, to always be there for us. To do the bidding of agents, relentless and some greedy. Not caring if their star was rested or fed, just as long as the money kept rolling in. Stars have to be careful of whom they aquaint themselves with. Not everyone is genuine, not everyone likes them for themselves. Some have motive for money and want to leave when they get it. Some just want prestige by sayiign yes, they knew so and so.

When one is never left alone, when you are always publicly hounded, and everthing you do is recorded, it’s hard to be an angel. The pretend personalities that some portray I’m certain are not always true, I’m sure they just want to be the real person, the one who can mess up sometimes, the one who can be shall we say, human? It’s such a shame that society feeds on wanting to know all the details of other people’s business. Why does everything have to be known? Can’t any fact be kept to oneself? Do we have to know everything?

Camermen and women following the public figures like they have never seen them before nor noticed that they too can do grocery shopping, they too can take their kids to the park, add to the depressing epidemic. Blows the mind, doesn’t it? And this world of pretend, of false happiness and hallucinations, seems to be one of the most popular escapes for those who don’t know any other way. If we could just say no…


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