The Lists

Read a list of goals I had set for myself a couple of years ago. Nothing too extraordinary, just reachable, not too frustrating tasks that could be accomplished. So far I have met some of those: eating better, working on being organized, working on  my crafts (I design my own cards and like to draw). Feels good to know that I kept my promises and didn’t let myself down. I can pat my back and walk taller and accomplish the rest of the list.

Joshua also has a running list, although his list isn’t about working on improving oneself. His list is full of Disney characters, restaurants he wants to visit and movies he’d like to have. An entertainment list, now that’s a cool idea. He’s on to something. Most of us are stressing out over work, over finances, over whatever is enough to be bothersome. Joshua just wants to relax, laugh, and not worry. Joshua wants to experience the fun he can have, enjoy the food he can eat, get some visual idea of the  characters he likes to watch in the movies. Just ask him about going to Disneyland Resort.

Self improvement can help lower one’s stress level. You feel like weights are being lifted off your body, allowing you to move without the restriction of “you haven’t finished what you started”. Breathing becomes normal, no smothered  thoughts of being overwhelmed with where does one start? Will I make it to the imaginary finish line and claim my prize of satisfaction and pride, knowing I have done well?

Maybe if we give ourselves obtainable goals, ones that we can accomplish and thrown in a challenge every once in a while, just to mix things up, that finish line becomes more visible. Organizing our ideas into uncluttered row that can be read again and checked off when done. Just like eating a healthier variety of foods, an assortment of goals can be added and subtracted to add some intrest. No room for boring here. The reward? Feeling lighter, with a medal of confidence to wear daily.


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