Talk About Confidence

Joshua taught another lesson to his mom and dad. He recently had to endure a twenty-four eeg. Doctor’s orders. He was hooked up to the machine and sent on his way. Most of us might not want to go anywhere after having wires and glues attached to our head, with the extra bonus of special gauze to hold everything in place. Joshua is not most of us. He’s his own person, a unique indiviual who happens to have autism. For him, his world involves the company he keeps at the moment. Josh doesn’t look to see what the strange faces around are thnking.

After being sent on his way, we treated Joshua to Applebees. Cheeseburger with the works and a diet soda to wash the calories away. Hey, guy’s gotta have some kind of reward for being so tolerant in an uneasy situation. Right?

Joshua entered the restaurant with a big smile on his face and an eagerness to chow down. What young man doesn’t like to eat? He was great company for myself and his dad and a staff member from the group home he resides at. Enjoyed his meal, talked, got spoiled by the waitress and afterwards went back to the house he rents with two other young men and that was his day, his experience.

Joshua is a heck of a teacher and I hope I can keep up with the lessons.


2 thoughts on “Talk About Confidence

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    • Well, I really like the following the best: Little Big Sister, To All the Heroes, Really Frustrating, and Talk About Confidence. I appreciate the publicity! Which articles are your favorites in your blog and I can do the same for you.

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