Warming Up

Can you see the green grass standing up, with the flowers poking through showing off their vibrant colors. At least the dandelions are the first ones to flash their bright yellow petals, the outlaws of the lawns that homeowners fight to keep out of their freshly mowed yards. Bradford pear trees in bloom with white flowers look like huge lacy umbrellas that line the neighborhoods and business where they are planted. The earth is waking up from its long nap, from under the frozen white snow and slippery thick ice. Everythiing is reaching up to the sky, breathing in a warm heaps of air, to be filled with energy for the season. Nature’s fitness plan. Riding bicycles, walking around the block, playing outside, walking one’s dog, we are encouraged to enjoy the lightness around us.
No weighing down of coats, no boots, no shovels. They are retired for another year.Sandals and shorts, short sleeves, and maybe crop pants will be the standard, nothing awkward, nothing to layer. Bring on the lemondade, the strawberry shortcake, the grilling, who wants to eat inside on a day like this? Light winds blow, gently brushing our hair back from our faces, music playing, what could be better? MMM… spring the kind of warm most of us don’t mind…the kind that’s comfortable and cool. Renewal of spirit, as Jesus’ ressurection is the most important, hearbreaking, and joyful example all in one. Yes, that’s just what spring is, and it’s just warming up.


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